Travel Tips and Tricks implementation was the major missing when I started travelling initially. It actually makes everything complicated and non-interesting for travellers if we do not have the To Do List. Many people hate to do bag packing and unpacking during the journey, I was one of them. But no more now, I have my Travel Tips handy which make things easy.


I have a list of things to carry with us during the journey and things to do when you travel. You may customize the list and also let me know the missing things in the list:

Let’s start with basic things:

  1. Phone charger, headphones, extra USB cable, and power bank
  2. Hair shampoo, body wash, face wash, paper soap, toothpaste and toothbrush
  3. Towel, napkin, tissue, wet wipes, sanitizer
  4. A bag containing together all your inner garments and a pair of socks
  5. Keep your Jacket before you leave
  6. Also, carry a lock with you
  7. Carry first aid kit
  8. Carry water bottle & some snacks
  9. Keep the local sim card of the country which you are travelling
  10. Always have small backpack/suitcase
  11. Roll your clothes for more space
  12. Pill containers are great organizers for jewelry.
  13. Email yourself a scanned copy of your passport
  14. Photocopy of your travel tickets, hotel booking
  15. Download Google map
  16. Pre-book your window seat in flight
  17. Pre-book the tickets well in advance
  18. Ask about the local sightseeing to the local people in the same place
  19. Check the hotels before you visit the place
  20. Always try local food
  21. Do carry good and comfortable shoes
  22. Don’t over plan your trip
  23. Take earplugs and eye mask
  24. Keep a pair of sunglasses with you
  25. Carry a cap
  26. Take more photos
  27. Make sure you buy souvenirs when you visit a new place

Phone charger, Headphones, Extra USB cable, and Power Bank

In this techno-friendly generation, we can not forget to carry our Mobile Phone Charger, Headphones, Extra USB Cable, and Power Bank.

We don’t even step out of our house without our headphones and power bank. We need our headphones with us in our journey, to listen to music to talk to anyone on the phone, etc.

The headphones which I use are the IBall Pulse and love them:


Hair Shampoo, Body Wash, Face Wash, Paper Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush

The basic needs of travellers cannot be changed. Whenever we travel we need to carry our own body wash, face wash, paper soap, toothpaste, toothbrush. The main reason behind this is everyone has there own choice.

The shampoo that suits your hair, body and face wash that is compatible with your skin, etc. Make sure you pack each and everything in a different carry bag so that if there is any leak everything doesn’t get messed up.

Also, add sunscreen and moisturizer creams in the list.

Towel, Napkin, Tissue, Wet wipes, Sanitizer

Many people stay clean and hygienic, that it is their priority. And of course, it is a good habit. Always have a sanitizer, tissues and wet wipes in your bag. While travelling I make sure I carry my own towel and napkin. We get a towel in a hotel as well, but it’s your personal choice to use that or your own.

Inner Garments And A Pair of Socks

Always pack your inner garments and an extra pair of socks in a different pouch or bag. It is easy to find and you don’t need to dig your whole bag when you need them.

Keep your Jacket before you leave

Travellers are advised to carry your jacket during the journey. Nights turn to be cold, so carry your jacket to be on a safer side.

The leather jacket which I carry with me whenever I travel to keep my self protect is below one, and it is one of my favorite ones.


Also, Carry A Lock With You

If you feel unsafe, good to use your own lock for your rooms. Always lock your bags when you are on a trip.

Carry First Aid Kit

The most important travel tip I would say to carry your First Aid Kit. Things you need to have in it is a painkiller, medicine on fever and cold, whichever suits you. Bandage, small scissors, mosquito repellent cream, soframycin, and if you have any dental issue have the pain killer for the same.


Carry Water Bottle & Some Snacks

To keep your self hydrated and full always have your water bottle and some snacks with you.

Keep The Local SIM Card Of The Country Which You Are Travelling

When you are travelling to a different country make sure you keep the SIM card of the same country. This makes the connectivity and communication easy. TSIM is the best option to get this.

Always Have Small Backpack/Suitcase

To keep your luggage handy its good to have a compact bag or suitcase. It makes your trip easy to travel.

The backpack which I carry when I go on a trip for 3-4 days, I carry my wildcraft bag of 45

Roll Your Clothes For More Space

Travel tips for packing the bag. To save the space in your bags the best way to pack your clothes is by rolling them. This will give you space to keep other stuff in your bag.

Pill Containers Are Great Organizers For Jewelry

Especially for the girls like us, to reduce the messed up ornaments, its good to differentiate them and then keep it.

I use one easy way to keep my earings, that is in a pill container. That keeps everything sorted and simple. I also use small zip pouches for long earrings. Travel tips for keeping ornaments and accessories especially for women wanderer.


Email Yourself A Scanned Copy Of Your Passport

Travellers are highly recommended to have a scanned copy of your passport on your email. This would be one more important travel tip I would say for all of us. We may not always carry our passport when we move out of our room and we never know when we would need it.

To be on a safer side have the scanned copy of passport and important document on email.


Photo Copy Of Your Travel Tickets, Hotel Booking

In this techno-friendly generation, we always have a photo or soft copy of our tickets and bookings.

But be prepared for the worst, you may misplace your phone, or the battery may get drained of your phone or anything may happen. So, its always good to have a print of the bookings we made.

Download Google Map

Many times it happens that we love to go to some adventure place, some places which are close to nature and away from city places.

In such places, we face network issues. Travellers can’t stop, and they shouldn’t, so good to download the google map before you leave.


Pre-book Your Window Seat In Flight

I love to have a window seat in the flight. So now the airlines have given us an opportunity to do web check-in and pre-book our seats in the flight. Travel tips for travellers who love to see a beautiful view when you are flying.

I personally love it and enjoy it. I also capture pictures when I am in my window seat.

This capture was when I travelled from Pune to Ladakh 


Pre-book The Tickets Well In Advance

To the budget travellers, or rather all the travel lovers it would be budget-friendly and a sorted trip if you book your tickets well in advance.

Especially for me, it is like I get confused about the destinations. To stop my surfing about the different destination and to get tickets at the best price I pre-book them. I find the cheap flight tickets on the below link always, you can also check the same.

Ask About The Local Sightseen To The Local People In The Same Place

This is one of the best ways to know about the hidden, beautiful, unseen places at the location.

The local people in the town are your best travel guide I would say. I really have a good experience in my every journey.

Never miss the sunset and sunrise at special places.

Check The Hotels Before You Visit The Place

Shortlist the hotels according to your requirement before you reach your destination. Usually, I don’t pre-book my hotels. I check the hotel personally and then only go for booking.

In my upcoming trip, I am going to try Airbnb. Will share the review with my readers.

Always Try Local Food

Every place has its own unique taste of food. Always make sure you check out the local food and eat it for sure when you visit the place.

This delicious food I had tried when I had a visit to Dharamshala.


Personally talking about me, I am a foodie person. So, I make sure before visiting the place I shortlist the food to eat at that particular place.

Off course, after getting some assistance from local people we usually add some more dishes. In this way, I have tried so many new Dishes at different locations and loved them.

Believe me, food is the best way to get to know a place better.

Do Carry Good And Comfortable Shoes

Travel tip for the travellers who love to explore places by walk, who love to go on a trek. Any sort of pain or injury should not be the obstacle in our trip. So make sure you wear comfortable footwear.

I personally prefer sketchers sports shoes, which really have great comfort, I just love it.  I do know we girls love to click pictures with perfect matching footwear, I click them and get back into my sports shoes.


Don’t Over Plan Your Trip

To avoid disappointment in your trip I would suggest do not over plan your trip. I am not being negative about anything, but you never know, anything may happen, and you should not get disappointed due to that.

It may suddenly rain and you have to shuffle up the places to visit, or maybe your flight gets delayed. So be on a safer side, and especially be happy. Common guys, you are on

Take Earplugs And Eyemask

Make sure you add the earplugs and eyemask in your travel tips. In the overnight journey when you travel you never know how many people will come to distract you from your sleep.

In the train, the sellers come. Nearby your hotel the street noise from outside, loud bars and in the dorm rooms snorers are always present.

The sunlight pinches your eye when you travel in the day time, so it becomes difficult to sleep in the day journey. It’s better you carry your eyemask and enjoy your journey.

Keep A Pair Of Sunglasses With You

To protect your eyes from dust and sunlight its good to carry your sunglasses with you when you are travelling.

Self-photography lovers can use different colors and shapes of sunglasses while taking

Carry A Cap

Cap or a hat to protect your head from getting overheated and its must. Add this in your travel tips for

Take More Photos

Photos of the beautiful place you visit are must for the travellers. When you leave the place you just leave your footprints. All that you carry is memories and pictures. Capture the picture of places as well as your self with a beautiful location.

The best photo collection I would say I have of Lansdowne, Uttarakhand


Make Sure You Buy Souvenirs When You Visit A New Place

Always take away something memorable with you when you travel to a new place. Souvenirs are something which I like to collect and take away from the places I visit. Looking at them I really feel good and also reminds me many places are still left.


I have shared the Travel tips and tricks from my travel experience. There are many more travel tips and tricks, the list goes on and on.

I would love to listen from my readers about their travel experience and the tips and tricks they follow.

Still the summers are going on, monsoon has not yet arrived, especially in Delhi. To the people who wish to move out of the metro city life and go on a vacation for 2-3 days, I would suggest two places which I have visited and loved them.

I have shared my travel experience for the Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, and Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

If You Never Go, You Will Never Know!! 

Ladakh is a place in which everyone falls in love. I was just thrilled and it was an overwhelming experience of mine.

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Travel Tips and Tricks implementation was the major missing when I started travelling initially. It actually makes everything complicated and non-interesting for travellers if we do not have the To Do List. Many people hate to do bag packing and unpacking during the journey, I was one of them....