Agra, Is A Very Famous Place In India. Taj Mahal Is What Makes Agra Famous. People Visit Agra Especially To See Taj Mahal. 

We all know Taj Mahal is one of the places from the 7 Wonders of the World. Indians are super proud of this place and the best architecture made by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. 

I was also rigorously waiting to visit Agra with my life partner. Agra was the 1st place I visited with my family after I shifted to Delhi. We visited Agra in the month of March. 

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  • Location 

  • Climate

  • Best Time To Visit Agra

  • Ways To Reach Agra

  • Places To Visit Agra

  • Food To Eat In Agra


Agra is located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on the Bank of Yamuna river. It is at the southwest corner of UP. Its borders touch Rajasthan to its west and south, the district of Firozabad to its East and the districts of Mathura and Etah to its North. 

The total area of Agra is 87 Km square. The population of Agra is 1,259,979 and it is the 24th most populous place in India.

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Summers in Agra are extremely hot they exist in the month of March, April, May, June. The temperature is around 40 degrees Celcius.

Monsoon begins in July and ends in mid-September. Agra Experiences average rainfall. But, the Agra city becomes humid and still remains hot in these days.

Winters in Agra last from November to February. Climate is quite pleasant during winters in Agra. You can move out and visit places in Agra in the afternoon. The temperature may fall up to 20 degrees Celcius.

Best Time To Visit Agra

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We can visit Agra at any time. We can enjoy the beauty of Agra the wonder of the world, Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, etc. 

It’s just that the climate may disappoint you when you are on tour. You shouldn’t fall sick or feel irritated when you are on vacation, so it’s good to visit the place in the best climate of that location.

Duration from November to February is the best time to visit Agra. Winters support to make the climate cold and we enjoy our vacation in this cold climate. However, Agra is cold in winters but noons are quite pleasant to roam around.

Ways To Reach Agra

By Airway

To visit Agra via a flight, the nearest airport would be Delhi Airport. From Delhi to Agra it is 233km approximate 4hrs 30min. We have buses and can hire a cab to reach Agra.

By Railway:

Agra Cantonment (station code: AGC) is the main railway station in the Indian city of Agra. Agra Railay Station has connectivity from all the major cities. Once we come out of the railway station we get cabs, autos, taxis, buses, etc.

By Roadway:

We have Yamuna expressway to travel soon and easily by road to Agra. I travelled by road from Delhi to Agra.

We can also hire a car to travel to Agra. The roads are in good condition, so you can enjoy the journey.

Before we move forward to the Itinerary Of Agra, let’s check out the tips and tricks for travellers. The TO-DO list for BackPackers

Places To Visit Agra

Taj Mahal

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Taj Mahal is the major attraction of Agra. We all know Taj Mahal is mentioned in the 7 Wonders Of The World. This is one of the world-famous places. Taj Mahal is also considered as a symbol of love because of its history.

The Taj Mahal was commissioned by Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1631, a Persian princess who died on 17 June that year, giving birth to their 14th child. Construction started in 1632 and completed in 1643.

The total area of the Taj Mahal is 17 hectares and the height is 73m. The architect of the Taj Mahal was Ustad Ahmad Lahauri.

Things to know before you visit Taj Mahal:

The entry ticket of Taj Mahal is 550 INR for Indians and 1050 INR for Foreigners. 

Taj Mahal is open from sunrise to sunset. (6.30 am to 6.30 pm)

Taj Mahal is closed on Friday.

Shoes are not allowed in the Taj Mahal. 

Photography is allowed in the Taj Mahal.

Foreigners need to carry a passport when they visit the Taj Mahal.

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Agra Fort 

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Agra Fort was built by Emperor Akbar in 1573.  It is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh and is made entirely of red sandstone. Agra Fort is again the beautiful monument build by Mughals.

Visit Agra Fort is a must when we visit Agra. It a fantabulous structured and designed. It is well maintained so we enjoy the journey of Agra Fort. Agra Fort and Taj Mahal are at just 2.5km from each other.

Important Structures Inside the Agra Fort

•    Shahjahani Mahal –Emperor Shah Jahan tried to turn a red sandstone palace into a palace of white marble in the form of The Shahjahani Mahal.

•    Jahangir’s Hauz – This is a monolithic tank, and was built by Jahangir. The tank was initially used for bathing. It is now a part of Akbar’s Bengali Mahal.

•    Babur’s Baoli (step well) – Babur Baoli is a well which is made with steps to take care of water requirement.

•    Nagina Masjid – Nagina Masjid is a mosque which was built by Shah Jahan. The mosque was built using white marble only and was considered a private place of worship.

•    Diwan-I-Am (Hall of Public Audience) – This hall was built by Shah Jahan. It was again a  white marble hall, open for public. The very famous Peacock Throne was situated in Diwan-I-Am.

•    Ghaznin Gate – The Ghaznin gate actually belongs to the tomb of Mahmud of Ghazni, one of the rulers of the Ghaznavid Empire.

•    Bengali Mahal –This palace was built by Akbar and was later modified by Shah Jahan. An interesting aspect of this palace is that it is said to be housing secret buildings hidden underneath the palace.

•    Akbar’s Mahal – The ruins of Akbar’s famous palace still remains in the fort. Akbar breathed his last in this very palace. The entire palace was built using red sandstone.

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The entry ticket of Agra Fort is 40 INR for Indians and 550 INR for Foreigners. 

Agra Fort is open from sunrise to sunset. (6.30 am to 6.30 pm)

While returning from Agra we went to Mathura and Vrindavan.

Mathura and Vrindavan

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Mathura and Vrindavan are the holy places in Uttar Pradesh, northern India. At these places, Lord Krishna was born and have spent his childhood. Both are quite pleasant places to visit and on the way from Agra to Delhi.

My In-Laws were with me and my husband also, they wished to go to these places so we stopped while returning from Agra. It is at 50km from Agra and 145km from Delhi.

Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Vrindavan, the land of Radha Rani, the City of Temples has more than 1000 temples to showcase the pastimes of Radha and Krishna.

Both are very beautiful places and we feel very peaceful when we visit those places.

Food To Eat In Agra

  •  Petha

  • Mughlai

  • Shawarma

  • Culinary Junction By Udupi


Petha from Agra is a very famous food. It’s a sweet dish. We get Petha in many places. Panchhi Petha store is a good one and we also purchased from the same place.

Panchhi Petha store located at one at Hari Parvat crossing.


Mughlai is a very common food and we get in many places. But Agra has its own unique taste and is very famous.

Pinch of Spice at 23/453, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Wazirpura Road.


Shawarma chicken is what I loved a lot. It was really very yummy food which I tasted in Agra.

Mama Chicken Mama Franky located at Gopi Chand Shivhare Road, Sadar Bazaar, and Agra Cantt. It is open from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Culinary Junction By Udupi

It is a South Indian restaurant in Agra. We had our breakfast at this place and liked its taste. My inlaws also said the taste was delicious.

1st Floor Arvind Innov8, Fatehabad Rd, Taj Nagari 2, Agra

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Agra, Is A Very Famous Place In India. Taj Mahal Is What Makes Agra Famous. People Visit Agra Especially To See Taj Mahal.  We all know Taj Mahal is one of the places from the 7 Wonders of the World. Indians are super proud of this place and the best...