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Travel during pregnancy

Pregnancy itself is a journey of 9 months and 9 days for every pregnant woman. She undergoes many changes and has to take precautions for both herself and the baby inside her.

When it’s to traveling precautions during pregnancy it’s very important to take care of many things. The journey may be by airway, roadway, or railway, some mandatory precautions are to be taken by the pregnant ladies.

The pregnancy period is over divided into 3 trimesters.

First Trimester: From 1st to 3rd month

Second Trimester:  From 4th month to 6th month

Third Trimester: From 7th month to 9th month.

Common tips for all the ways of transport.

Do have your doctor’s contact detail handy.

Keep your phone charged.

Use power backup for a phone for a long journey.

I personally traveled by all three modes of transport during my pregnancy.

By flight, I went in all three trimesters. My journey would be from Delhi to Pune and from Pune to Delhi.

In 1st trimester I traveled alone by air and all was good. Yes of course I had to consult my doctor first.

In 2nd and 3rd trimester I traveled by air with my husband. And yes both the time I kept my fit to fly certificate with me.

Similarly, I traveled by roadway in all the 3 trimesters. First, two trimesters were fine but in 3rd trimester 4-5hrs journey was painful for me. I had back pain after that legs swelled etc. However, I had taken all the precautions.

By train, I traveled in 2nd trimester. I had made the booking for 3tier AC from Pune to Delhi. The journey was almost 17hrs. Initially, I was fine but then after 12-13hrs, I was fed up with the continuous moving train. But still, it was fine to travel by train.

All this was my personal experience and I have shared the travel tips or precautions from my experience.

Precautions to be taken while traveling by flight

The first thing before you plan to travel is to consult your doctor. This is the most important thing to do. 1st check ur health is fit and fine to travel or not. Is baby ready to go by airway or not?

Always carry your essential medicines with you. And make sure you keep them handy.

Do wear comfortable outfits and footwear while traveling. Also, keep a jacket with you if you feel cold, you can use it.

A pregnant lady can travel till 36 weeks of pregnancy by flight, but with a doctor’s permission and fit to fly certificate.

All the airlines have different policies. It is good to check with them before you travel.

Book your seat well in advance so that you get the seat of your choice. The seat with extra leg space and the one near the washroom would be great.

If you have a nausea problem do take care. Indulge in plenty of water, take medicine, and have food before you fly.

Traveling in 1st and 3rd trimesters is risky and 2nd trimester is safe as per the doctor’s advice.

However, I traveled personally in all the 3 trimesters.

Please make sure you don’t pick up heavy bags with you which may create complications in your pregnancy.

You may carry some comfortable pillows which you may need for sitting for a long time. The airline also provides, if you ask for it. Do make yourself comfortable as you have to sit for a long time.

Always ask for help if you need anything before it’s too late.

Precautions to be taken while traveling by Roadway


Traveling by road is the safest way to travel, but again the bumpy roads are the ones we should take care of.

The road journey is recommended till the 30th week of pregnancy. Later roadway travel may affect the baby and mom’s health.

Also, consult your doctor before you travel. Always carry your essential medicines with you on the journey.

Keep some chocolates, biscuits, and fruits to indulge in whenever you feel hungry.

Use a seat belt for sure. Make a selection of comfortable seats for yourself.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes during the journey.

Drink plenty of water. Stop the car whenever you wish to pee or use the toilet.  Make sure the washroom is clean.

Do not sit for a long time which may cause swelling in the legs, back pain, etc.

Carry a cushion while you are traveling by car, it may be useful to support your back and make you feel comfortable.

Avoid traveling alone, and make sure you be with your friend or family when you are pregnant. This is just to keep you on the safer side.

If not necessary do not travel and stay at home take rest.

Precautions to be taken while traveling by Railway 

Those who are not ready for roadways and flight journeys can always select a railway journey anytime.

Pre-book your tickets. Again select the lower seat while you book the ticket. AC 3 tier or 2 tier is what I would recommend.

Consult the doctor before you decide to travel. Check if you and your baby are fit and fine.

Avoid meals from the train and carry your own hygienic food from home. Use sanitizer for sure.

Thankfully we have a western toilet on the train. Those are comfortable in the moving train.

Again would like to remind you all would-be moms, to wear comfortable footwear, and clothes, and make sure you are comfortable.

Take care while sleeping. Ask your partner to stay nearby you when you sleeping.

Make sure you arrive at the railway station on time. Do not lift heavy luggage. Do not bend.

Avoid sitting for a long time on the train, and lie down when ever you feel you need some rest.

Take a stroll within the train compartment from time to time. This helps your blood circulation.

Carry your essential medicines with you. Keep them handy so you can take them whenever required.

These are the points that I have shared from my experience. Do let me know in the comments if I have missed anything.

Wish you all the best mom in this new phase of life.

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Congratulations to all the would-be moms who have landed on my page. Pregnancy itself is a journey of 9 months and 9 days for every pregnant woman. She undergoes many changes and has to take precautions for both herself and the baby inside her. When it's to traveling precautions during pregnancy...