Me and my friend would wander a lot. On weekends on weekdays any time, any place.

Similarly, we went on an unplanned trip to Ladakh. Me and my two school friends had just booked the flight tickets and Vanished to Ladakh.



Ideally, we had the flight booking from Pune to Srinagar and had decided to take a road trip from Srinagar to Kargil and then Ladakh. But, due to curfew in Srinagar, we had to land down in Delhi. And then we had to decide what to do and what not do after that.

Believe me, on 16th September 2016 at morning 4 am after reaching Delhi we looked at each other and said “NOW WHAT”, and we laughed out loud. In this way, we begin our journey.

We covered below locations and enjoyed the trip:

  • Sightseeing In Delhi

  • The Journey From Delhi To Chandigarh

  • Roaming Around In Manali

  • Location Of Ladakh

  • Ways to Reach Ladakh

  • List of Places to Visit in Ladakh

  • Budget Of My Trip To Ladakh:


Sightseeing In Delhi:

As we were in Delhi so we decided to begin our journey with a view of the sunrise at India Gate. We booked a cab and went to see a beautiful sunrise at India gate. We took pictures, saw few places like Red Fort, Jama Masjid from the cab itself and then reached the Maharana Pratap Inter State Bus Terminus (Kashmere Gate), bus station of Delhi to plan our next journey.

The Journey From Delhi To Chandigarh

With the sunrise in Delhi, we caught the bus from Delhi to Chandigarh. We reached Chandigarh in the afternoon it was a 5hrs journey. Lunch was just amazing in Chandigarh, a typical north Indian food, which we enjoyed a lot. Noon was too hot to roam around, so we took a hotel nearby the bus stand and took some rest.Ladakh

In the evening we explored Chandigarh. We went to the famous Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden. ‘Rock garden’, the name itself tells the garden made up of rocks, there are different statues of animals, few statues like a puppet, waterfall, etc. in the garden. People who are interested in the artwork would love it.

Roaming Around In Manali:

After dinner, we finally left from Chandigarh to Manali on a semi-sleeper bus. I woke up the next morning with awesome sunrise in Manali. We were still travelling but I couldn’t sleep and miss the natural beauty. The parallel flowing water was just mind-blowing.


In Manali again we took a hotel to freshen up and went to roam around. We also had to decide how to head towards Leh Ladakh. We got a vehicle with the help of the hotel owner which was basically from Leh and was going back to Leh the same day in the evening. So finalized the vehicle and then roamed around in Manali.

In Manali we have a huge market, so we couldn’t stop our self from purchasing beautiful warm clothes and leather jackets. We also did sightseeing in Manali and moved towards Ladakh in the evening.

Heading from Manali To Ladakh:

The journey from Manali to Ladakh was my first trilling experience with those adventurous roads. It was a full moon night we loved the journey. The sunrise, hot cup of tea everything was just perfect. The Manali to Leh journey was almost 15hrs. The temperature was below 0 degrees so we made sure we used our warm clothes.


Before we move forward to the place to visit in Rann Of Kutch, let’s check out the tips and tricks for travellers. The TO-DO list for BackPackers. 

Location Of Ladakh:


Ladakh is a region of Jammu and Kashmir. Leh is the Capital of Ladakh. The pink region shown on the map is Ladakh. Ladakh is the best place for mountain lovers, who love to enjoy natural beauty and thrilling roads.

Ways to reach Ladakh:



We have Leh Airport in Leh city. We have connectivity for the fight from major cities.



Nearest railway station to Leh is Jammu Tawi. Leh is approximate 700km from Jammu Tawi. It takes 16-17hrs to travel this route. Once you leave from Jammu Tawi its good to take a stay at Kargil for one night and then head the journey to Leh next day. This helps you and your body to adjust to the climate.



This is the one which many of them prefer. We can start the road trip from Delhi. We have two options, one via Manali and the other via Srinagar. Many of them go on Bike Trip to experience the trill. Both ways have there own unique experience. But thinking abt the health and adapting the high altitude, I would suggest the Srinagar roadway.

Petrol Pump on the way to Ladakh: 

If you’re taking a road trip via both Srinagar or Manali, the petrol pump is available after a certain distance. No need to carry petrol with you, but whenever you see the petrol pump make sure you make your petrol tank full.

ATM Machines:

You don’t need to carry a big amount of money while travelling. Even in Leh and also on a road trip you will find ATM machines of multiple branches on your way.

Mobile Connectivity:

Talking about the Mobile Connectivity, if you have Post Paid connection you have some chances of getting the network. But in the case of a prepaid connection outside Jammu and Kashmir sim cards stop working. BSNL has good connectivity all over the Ladakh. Internet works on 2G for BSNL in Ladakh. Most of the Hotel provides wifi, so you can connect via wats app call.

You get packages for Leh Ladakh trip. You have multiple options, one starts directly from Ladakh. The other if you wish to take a road trip on a bike or by car, they provide you their bike with petrol, and a group of people travel together on the road trip. They have a backup bike, mechanic and safety measures for a medical emergency. People go on a trek from Manali to Leh or only in Leh. Passionate cycle riders do cycling on the same bike route. We can also book the packages for Trek to Ladakh or for a Bike Trip to Ladakh and also for the Cycling Group to Ladakh.

List of places to visit in Ladakh and distance and time required to reach:

  1. Pangong Lake (distance from Leh 225km 6-6.30hrs)
  2. Nubra Valley (distance from Leh 200km 6hrs)
  3. Stupa  (We have multiple options to visit Stupa)
  4. Khardungla (distance from Leh 40km 2hrs)
  5. Tso Moriri (distance from Leh 200km 6hrs)
  6. Leh Royal Palace.
  7. Sangam of Zanskar and Indus River.
  8. Ladakh Festival.

If You Never Go, You Will Never Know!! 

Day 1 In Leh Ladakh:

We took some rest and in the evening went out to hire a bike or car for our further journey. We had also been to the Ranchos school in Leh and visit the market in Leh. Finally, we decided to travel by car and hired the one from Virgo Adventure Holidays.


Day 2 at Khardungla and Nubra Valley :

We left from Leh to Nubra Valley on the 2nd day. On that day we decided not the ask anyone the distance between two places instead, ask the time required to reach that place.

The roads are so adventures that we can not calculate the time to reach our destination after knowing the distance. It was around 4-5hrs journey. On the way, we came across a magnetic hill. We had the magnetic hill experience at Rann Of Kutch 

We also visited the Khardungla. Khardungla is 18380 feet high. It is the highest motorable road in the world. It is 39km from Leh.


Never miss a camel ride in Nubra. It’s a unique experience. The camels in Nubra are the double hump camels and they are short in height. The sand and the view while taking a camel ride was just mind-blowing.

For an overnight stay in Nubra, we decided to stay in a tent. We took a tent with 3 people accommodation.

The temperature was below 0 degrees and it was seriously a great experience to stay in a tent in a chilled climate. Camping activities were also there like bone fire, music, games, etc.


Day 3 at Pangong Lake:

We left from Nubra and headed towards Pangong Lake. Believe me, we reached Pangong in the afternoon and the water in Pangong lake was so chilled even in the afternoon.

We had our lunch at a hotel with the name All Is Well. The names of the hotel were like All is well, 3 idiots, Rancho, etc.

The scooter of Kareena Kapoor shown in the movie 3 Idiots is kept at Pangong lake and people click pictures with that scooter bike.

After spending some quality time at Pangong lake we returned back to Leh. The main reason to come back to Leh the same day was just that the next Day in Leh was there was a Ladakh festival which takes place once in a year.


Day 4 Enjoying Ladakh Festival and Kargil:

Ladakh Festival is the most popular festival in Ladakh. It takes place mostly in the month of September. It takes place in the town of Leh and the villages nearby.

In Ladakh Festival people in the surrounded regions of Ladakh highlight their cultural diversions by performing the dance in their cultural outfits.

It takes place in the market place, initially the inauguration ceremony takes place and then people come in the form of a rally to perform in the traditional attire.

Different animals like horses, yaks, camels are also bought at the festival. This creates a great opportunity for the tourists who are enthusiastic to learn and experience about Ladakhi culture and their lifestyle.

We enjoyed the Ladakh Festival in the 1st half of the day and then left for river rafting at Zanskar River. But the water was still and we felt like we won’t enjoy with this flow. We also saw the Sangam of Zanskar and Indus river.

The above image shows the meeting point of the rivers. The two rivers have a different identity. Later we planned to visit Kargil instead of wasting the day.

And you can see everything was unplanned. We just followed what we felt like doing. That was the best part of this trip.

It hardly took 3 hrs to reach Kargil. As we wanted to see Kargil from the beginning of the journey and we made it so we were quite happy. We returned from Kargil at night and left for our home the next morning.

This was My travel experience. I would love to listen from my readers about there experience and unique fun they had on there Ladakh trip. For the one who has never been to Ladakh, do go. It’s really an awesome place to visit.

Budget Of My Trip To Ladakh:

Oops, I missed one major thing, the estimated cost of my trip was 25k. Total it was 6 days trip, from Pune to Delhi, Delhi to Chandigarh, Chandigarh to Manali, Manali to Leh, exploring Leh and then back to Pune. This includes everything, flight, hotel, food, shopping, car on rent, etc. Going on a trip in a group divides our expenses. So this was a budget-friendly trip.

I would love to listen from my readers about their travel experience of Leh, Ladakh.

Still the summers are going on, monsoon has not yet arrived, especially in Delhi. To the people who wish to move out of the metro city life and go on a vacation for 2-3 days, I would suggest two places which I have visited and loved them.

I have shared my travel experience for the Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, and Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

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Me and my friend would wander a lot. On weekends on weekdays any time, any place.Similarly, we went on an unplanned trip to Ladakh. Me and my two school friends had just booked the flight tickets and Vanished to Ladakh. Ideally, we had the flight booking from Pune to Srinagar...