delhi to lansdowne

Why stay at home when its a beautiful monsoon weekend! Escape from Delhi To Lansdowne.

Yes, it’s true, Lansdowne is a good place to visit for the couples, friends and even for family members.

Two days are sufficient to explore Lansdowne, so why to waste weekends sitting at home. You can anytime go to Lansdowne to have fun together.

This place was searched by my husband, for the celebrating of my Birthday. And believe me, it was really very awesome. Thanks a lot to Sujit. I am sharing some generalist information about Lansdowne below.


Lansdowne is located in North Indian States of Uttarakhand, District Pauri Garhwal. It is a hill station located at Kotdwara – Pauri road at a height of 1076m. The area of Lansdowne is 6.09 km sq. It is 45 km from Kotdwara.


The climate at Lansdowne is great throughout the year. Its very cold in the winters. Temperature drop below 0 degree Celsius (from October to March). The summers are pleasant with a maximum temperature of 25 degree Celsius (from April to June).

delhi to lansdowne

Ways to reach Lansdowne:

We have all the three options to reach Lansdowne by road.

People can reach Lansdowne by Air from Dehradun airport. This is the nearest airport, Dehradun to Lansdowne is approximate 150km. The roads are in good condition, you can enjoy the journey.

delhi to lansdowne

Delhi crowd can reach by road to Lansdowne. Buses from Delhi to Lansdowne or by car and enjoy the natural beauty.

delhi to lansdowne

They have three routes,

Via Hapur, Bijnor or Khatauli.

You can go in your self driven car via these the routes.

delhi to lansdowne

We have the Railway as an option. Train from Delhi to Kotdwar takes approximate 7 to 8 hours, 270 KM. And the ticket approximate ticket fare would be Rs500-700 per head. And from Kotdwar to Lansdowne which is 40km.

Best time to visit Lansdowne:

The best time to visit Lansdowne would be the summers and those who love extreme cold are always welcome in winters as well. In the rainy season, there is extreme rain. Landslides take place at that time. It’s better to avoid travelling from July to September.

7 Best places to visit at Lansdowne:

1. Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial
2. Tip-in-top view
3. Santoshi Mata Temple
4. Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple
5. Bhulla Tal/ Bulla Lake
6. St Mary’s Church
7. St John’s Catholic Church


1. Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial:

delhi to lansdowne

It is a museum that consists of all the old rifles, guns, and war equipment. It was used by the soldiers for the World War. History of the soldiers how the fought they way the tackled the situation all the details are in the Museum. The Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial Museum was established on 11th November 1923, by Lord Rawlinson.

In Lansdowne, we have the recruitment center of the Garhwal Rifles.

delhi to lansdowne

2. Tip-in-top view:

delhi to lansdowne

It is a very beautiful place to visit. The Top view of Lansdowne can be seen from this spot. People call it as Tiffin Point. It is the highest point of Lansdowne located near to the St. Mary’s Church. We can take a Panoramic view of the Himalaya, the clouds and beautiful nature.

3. Santoshi Mata Temple:

delhi to lansdowne
It is a small temple which is 1km from Tip N top point. To reach the temple you will have to climb a few stairs. At that place, they play prayers and bhajans on the speaker. It is quite a pleasant atmosphere. You can take a beautiful view of the sunset from this temple. Onc who love to sit quietly and meditate would love to spends hours at this temple.
delhi to lansdowne

4.Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple:

It is Lord Shiva Temple located in between the thick forests of cedar and pine. It is an excellent combination of religious & nature loving place.

5.Bhulla Tal/ Bulla Lake:

delhi to lansdowne

This is a small man-made lake surrounded by beautiful nature.  We can do boating in that Lake. The area around the lake consists of beautiful flowers, plants, animals like rabbits and very uncommon beautiful birds. Kids, couple or family members can spend a good time at Bulla Lake.

6. St Mary’s Church:

delhi to lansdowne

St Mary’s Church is a Catholic church located at 1.5km from the Lansdowne market place. In 1895, St. Mary’s Church was constructed by Col. A.H.B Hume of the Royal Engineers.

7. St John’s Catholic Church

delhi to lansdowne

St John’s Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Lansdowne. It was established in 1936 under the supervision of Agra Diocese.

Places to visit for foodies in Lansdowne:

You will get a variety of local sweet dishes at Mahalaxmi Misthan Bhandar. You must try this one.

Fairydale restaurant is one of the good multi-cuisine restaurant. They serve best of Indian, Mughlai, Marwari and Chinese cuisines.

Lansdowne Trip Travel Cafe, it is a little café before entering the Lansdowne. It is worth going to this cafe. You can go there, sit, relax, read, chat, spend some peaceful time. Also, the owner of the café is a very friendly person who knows a lot about the local flora of Lansdowne.

The Budget for My Trip from Delhi To Lansdowne:

Travel cost via train from Delhi to Kotdwar and return journey was the same Kotdwara to Delhi, the ticket price for per person was approximate Rs. 800

Kotdwar to Lansdowne in sharing Rs 100 per head. If you book full cab it may cost you around Rs 600-700

Hotel in Lansdowne: We have many good options to book a hotel in Lansdowne. I would not recommend to book them online. Instead, do visit check the rooms, services, view from the room and then book it. In Rs. 1000-1500 you get a good room. We took a stay for a single night, it was around Rs 1200. Overnight stay in Lansdowne is sufficient.

We booked a cab for sight seen, he charged us Rs 800. If you wish to walk or go on a trek then you will save on this. I saw people going by walk to nearby places.

Talking about the food, we have very less non-veg options, mostly veg is available, that too is not so expensive.

So looking at the overall trip, it is very budget friendly. So back up your bags, do the bookings and escape to from Delhi to Lansdowne.
Why stay at home when its a beautiful monsoon weekend! Escape from Delhi To Lansdowne. Yes, it's true, Lansdowne is a good place to visit for the couples, friends and even for family members. Two days are sufficient to explore Lansdowne, so why to waste weekends sitting at home. You can anytime...