Mysore is a very bright place to visit during Dasara. In this festival lightings of Mysore palace for all the 10 days, crackers, and royal celebrations are done in Mysore. This is the specialty of Mysore in Navratri. Various cultural and religious programs highlighting the dance, music, and culture of the State of Karnataka are performed in front of the Mysore Palace. This festival is also known as Nadahabba in Karnataka.

Dasara Celebration In Mysore

If you plan to visit Mysore make sure you visit around the Dasara days, you all would love it. But, yes prepare your self for the rush in the Mysore during Dasara.

I had been to Mysore for training. It was just a coincident that Dasara was around that training period and I got the great opportunity to see the beautiful festival Dasara in Mysore, and believe me it was just a mindblowing experience.

From day one, I was missing my home in Navratri, but on the 3rd or 4th day we went to Mysore Palace and it was so overwhelmingly. And on the same day, I got to know this palace looks more special on the day of Dasara, we have different things to see on this day. The next few days I was eagerly and yes happily waiting for the Dasara Day. It was really a special Dasra of my life, I will never forget this one in my life.

Way To Reach Mysore:

I had been to Mysore by Volvo sleeper bus from Pune to Mysore directly. It was a journey of 16-17hrs by bus.

While returning I took a train from Mysore to Pune. Again it was the same 18-19hrs journey.

We also have flight options to save time, if you plan well in advance you can book the flights also.

Before we move forward to the Itinerary Of Mysore, let’s check out the tips and tricks for travellers. The TO-DO list for BackPackers.

Travel Tips And Tricks For Backpacker

History Behind The Dasara Celebration In Mysore

The Dasara festival began in the 15th century with Vijayanagar kings. The event revered Durga as the warrior goddess (some texts refer to her as Chamundeshwari). The Wodeyars of Mysore formed a kingdom in Southern parts of the Vijayanagara Empire and continued the Mahanavami (Dasara) festival celebration, a tradition started initially by Raja Wodeyar I (1578-1617 CE) in the year 1610 at Srirangapatna.

Dasara Celebration In Mysore

The tradition of having a special durbar (royal assembly) in the Mysore Palace started from the early time. It was during the reign of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III in the year 1805 when the king started the tradition of having a special durbar in the Mysore Palace during Dasara; which was attended by members of the royal family, special invitees, officials, and the masses.

This Is How Dasara Celebrated In Mysore: 

The Dasara celebration in Mysore takes place for 9 days of Navratri and the last day Vijayadashmi. A total of 10 days, the Mysore City is filled with full of joy and light for the celebration of Dasara.

Dasara Celebration In Mysore

The main attraction of the ten-day Mysore Dasara festival is the Mysore Palace which is lighted daily with nearly 100,000 light bulbs from 7 pm to 10 pm on all days of the festival.

Dasara Celebration In Mysore

The Hindu festival of Dasara, Navratri, and Vijayadashami celebrates the victory of good over evil. It was the day in the Hindu legends when Goddess Chamundeshwari (Durga) killed the demon Mahishasura.

Jumboo Savari:

However, the main event takes place on the last day. An idol of the Goddess Chamundeshwari is placed in a golden mandap on a decorated Elephant. This idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari is first worshipped by the royal family couples and the invited guests and the moved forward. The traditional process is called Jumboo Savari in which the elephant moves with the idol on the streets of Mysore,  starting at 2.45 p.m. from Mysore Palace and ending in Bannimantap.

Dasara Celebration In Mysore


The exhibition is another major attraction of this Dasara Celebration in Mysore. It starts from day 1 of the Navratri and continues until the end of December. They have all the specialties of Mysore in this exhibition, like Mysore Silk Sare, art and craft hand made work, cotton dresses, beautiful statues of the goddess, different traditional ornaments, etc.

Cultural Programs:

The Cultural Programs on the occasion of Dasara takes place in different parts of Mysore.


Musical concerts bigger singers are organized all over the city. Gazal singer Pankaj Udas, playback singer Vijay Prakash,  popular singers like  Archana Udupa, Sangeetha Katti will satisfy the music lovers with their music.

Reality talent shows are conducted by various channels. A team `Miracle on wheels’ by physically challenged will stage their extraordinary performance at the palace premises.

Dasara Celebration In Mysore

Cultural dance is also added to the musical concert. Folk dance, folk songs, Bharathnatyam, drama, etc. It is organized in different places of the city like  Kalamandira, Jaganmohan Palace, Ganabharathi, Chikka Gadiyara, Town Hall, Nadabrahma Sangeetha Sabha, and Kiru Ranga Mandira.

Food Stalls/Ahara:

The food stalls are arranged in the Dasara festival. The entire area is divided into vegetarian and non-vegetarian pavilion. It is organized at the Scouts and Guides ground in the city. People from different regions come and enjoy traditional dishes at this food festival.

It includes Idli, Dosa, Shavige Bath, Pongal, Chutneys and Pickles, Vangi Baath (rice with Brinjal curry), Bisi bele bath (a spicy preparation of rice) as well as a number of sweets such as Payasam, Jalebi, Rave Unde, Ladoo and more.

Sports Event:

Sports events are also a part of the Dasara celebration in Mysore. They are organized at a national level. This event takes place in Chamundi Vihar Stadium in the Banni Mantap. Different sports like Water sports, Badminton, Athletics, Cycling, Yoga, Wrestling.

In this Beautiful and Unique way, Dasara is celebrated in Mysore. Make sure if you get a chance to visit this place during the occasion of Dasara Festival.

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Mysore is a very bright place to visit during Dasara. In this festival lightings of Mysore palace for all the 10 days, crackers, and royal celebrations are done in Mysore. This is the specialty of Mysore in Navratri. Various cultural and religious programs highlighting the dance, music, and culture...