Planning for a baby and getting pregnant is a big decision. Both partners should plan the pregnancy to go through it smoothly and enjoy the journey of parenting. When you plan for pregnancy you need to think about all the circumstances, it may be physically, mentally, and financially.

plan a pregnancy

In Pregnancy, both the partners have to go hand in hand for the next 9 months 9 days journey. Being a supportive partner makes pregnancy and parenting both easy. Mommies have to go through different phases of life, physically and mentally. The mother and the father both need to plan the finances of the family very well. Yes, it’s true immediately after birth no baby asks for anything other than breast milk. But financial planning is a must, talking about the expenses, they start right from the day we get to know we are about to be parents. Moving forward with vaccines, education, health, etc.

Health and Fitness for Pregnancy Planning.

Start exercising:

Staying fit, flexible, and healthy is always very important. But, especially during pregnancy, it’s mandatory. Having a good exercise routine is a good symbol of a healthy lifestyle. It’s never too late. If you don’t exercise start it now. Exercise helps you stay fresh and feel good. It helps to build your stamina, increase your flexibility and boost your immune system. All these things help you throughout the pregnancy. And also during delivery. Exercise may be of any type, walking, gym, yoga, etc.

plan a pregnancy


Reach your Ideally weight:

Yes, It’s important to have an ideal weight before getting pregnant. During pregnancy, we gain more weight (10-12kg). A woman who is overweight has to face many issues during pregnancy before getting pregnant. Problems like tiredness, back pain in the initial days, leg pain, etc. All these things happen in pregnancy but they mostly happen in the last trimester. If we don’t start with ideal weight, these issues occur right from the 1st trimester. Similarly being underweight is also a problem. Your body needs to be healthy and strong, with good strength to carry a baby in your womb. So make sure you reach your goal before planning pregnancy.

Health Check-up before getting pregnant:

A complete health check-up would be recommended before getting pregnant. Also, check your family history. Make sure you discuss the major things with your doctor before you get pregnant. Check on your Blood Pressure, Insulin, Thyroid, Hemoglobin, etc. are they normal? Whether any of the partners is having any sexually transmitted diseases, needs to be checked.

plan a pregnancy

Get Him (Husband) Checked Up:

Yes, you heard it right. Males too have to go through some tests before planning pregnancy. Male factors cause 30% of infertility. Few changes to be made in his life before planning a baby. Fathers-to-be, please take care of your health, and start exercising. No smoking, alcohol, or drug consumption when you start planning for pregnancy. Eat well, and sleep well.

Lifestyle and Behavior change:

Stop consuming alcohol. Stop smoking if you do smoke. No occasional consumption to be done of these things. Eat healthily and drink healthily. Take sufficient sleep. Follow a Schedule. Do not skip your meal. Proper intake of water.

Visit Your Dentist:

I made a mistake and faced major tooth pain during pregnancy. Also was asked for a root canal which was not a good thing to do when you are pregnant. However, I temporarily delayed the treatment and had some medicines. Done the root canal 2 months after delivering the baby.

How To Plan A Pregnancy

So instead of going through all this extra pain during pregnancy, you should visit the dentist before and check if all things are in place. The extra pain of the tooth, eating problems, extra medicine, and all the anesthesia are not good during pregnancy.

Take 400 Micrograms of Folic Acid Every Day

Having folic acid before getting pregnant help to overcome the major health defects in the baby and also helps in the brain and spine development of the baby. Enough folic acid in the body of a woman is always helpful.

Get Vaccinated:

Few vaccines and mandatory before you get pregnant for the safety of the mom and the baby. Make sure you check them with your doctor and get vaccinated before the time when you have decided to plan a pregnancy.

Have Sex:

I know this is not to be said, it is obvious. Do have unprotected and spontaneous sex very often. Make sure if you’re facing any infertility issues do have sex during the fertile window.

  • 28 days, the fertile window may consist of 12-14 days of the cycle. 
  • 35 days, the fertile window may occur around 19-21 days.
  • 21 days, the fertile window may consist of 5-7 days.

Mental preparations before getting Pregnant:

The mother, as well as the Father, should mentally get ready for becoming a parent. I am not scaring you, but yes the fact is that things won’t be the same as before.

Both the mom and the dad of the baby have to go through different challenges. But you need to remember that this won’t last long, kids grow up super fast. So instead of getting frustrated and scribbling the things which are not going according to your wish just enjoy the parenting phase of your life.

Mommies, stay calm and start getting good sleep. Set a routine that will help you during pregnancy and post-pregnancy as well. The best thing I did were meditation, the realization of self-love, and mindful eating. You can try this, it worked wonders for me during my pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

Financial Planning For Would-Be Parents:

When you both have finally decided to plan a pregnancy now you can check on your medical insurance. Do update it if it covers the delivery benefits. Check the hospital near you which is covered up in your insurance plan.

Be calculative about your earnings, expenses, and savings. Now the time has come to start putting back some amount for saving for your kid. The government and private sectors both have been upcoming with new projects and plans for kids’ future. Check on it and do a proper study before investing. But yes the main thing is to start saving, good for you and your kid.

Coming to the end of my post, sharing my experience.

I strongly believe in Ayurveda. My challenges were borderline thyroid and major back pain. Ayurveda helped me to get recovered from all this. I had fixed all the physical challenges before I conceive a baby. I would personally recommend Panchakarma the Ayurveda treatment before you conceive. It is good for you and your baby.

This was all about my experience and knowledge which I wanted to share with all my friends when I decided to plan a pregnancy. I would love to know your opinion on this topic and also shall try to help if you have any concerns.

Happy reading.

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Planning for a baby and getting pregnant is a big decision. Both partners should plan the pregnancy to go through it smoothly and enjoy the journey of parenting. When you plan for pregnancy you need to think about all the circumstances, it may be physically, mentally, and financially. In Pregnancy,...