The beauty of a person lies in her Hair. Yes, Hair of any person attracts the other very soon. I won’t say only hair, but yes Hair plays a major role in making us look outstanding.

In the world outside we have plenty of products to which we get attracted and spoil our hair. We color our hair, do hair straitening and apply plenty of chemical products, which spoil the original texture of our hair. So I would give some list of basic things to do and take care of our hair so that our hair will remain good life long.

Hair care tips

To take care of our hair both the external and internal factors go hand in hand.

We need to eat good food and use natural ways to provide nourishment to take care of the hair and make them look beautiful.

In our day to day life, we neglect our hair and forget to nourish them on a regular basis. But it hardly takes time and it is very important to do it. Otherwise, we may soon start looking over aged due to the loss of our hair.

Having beautiful, all set clean hair is one of the symbols of making you look attractive. I have shared other once in the below blog: Things That Will Help You Look ATTRACTIVE.

Oil You Hair Twice a week

take care of your hair

Nourish and moisturize your hair with oil twice a week. Apply different oil, to give all type of nourishment. It may be any oil, almond oil, neem oil, olive oil, coconut oil, amla oil, etc. You can prepare oil at home as well.

I have got a very beautiful homemade hair oil secret from my mom. I would love to share it. Keep the hair oil for minimum 2hrs or you can keep it overnight. Make sure you massage your scalp when you apply the oil and also apply oil to the tips of your hair.

Hair massage while applying hair oil helps in the circulation of blood in our head which helps to grow your hair. This will help you keep your hair healthy, grow them strong, improve the texture and not make them grey or white before old age.

Wash your hair two or max 3 times in a week

natural way to take care of hair

It is obvious that if you are going to oil your hair twice means they need to be washed twice a week. If possible try to use shikakai at least once in a week for your hair wash. I will share the link to prepare shikaki at home. 

I would recommend using sulphate free shampoo. This has personally reduced my hair fall and the dryness of my hair. These sulphate free shampoos do not remove the natural oil from hair and help to keep them silky and shiny. Do not change your shampoo frequently. Dilute the shampoo with water before you apply directly on the scalp. Give a gentle smooth head massage while you wash your hair.

Avoid your Hair from overheat

hair care

Nowadays every one love straight all set perfect hair, for which they do permeant hair straightening, blow dry, etc. It’s ok to do once in a while and that too in a temporary way after using some protection like hair serum for your hair.

But overdoing of these things loses the natural texture of your hair. It hurts your hair, reduces the hair growth, burns the tiny new growing week hair which in turn reduces the volume of your hair. In fact, hot water is also harmful to wash your hair. Hair loves cold water. But in winters use of lukewarm water for hair wash would be fine.

Trim Your hair frequently

natural way to protect hair

Trimming your hair frequently will help to get rid of the split hair. The split hair looks shabby reduce the growth and spoil the texture of hair. And off course trimming your hair give you a different look changes your facial appearance. I love to trim my hair frequently and give a different look for myself.

Wash your hair the right way

beautiful hair care

Before washing hair, I would recommend combing your hair so that you reduce the chances of getting knots. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water thoroughly. Shampoo your hair by adding some water and shampoo together.

Apply the mixture of water and shampoo to the scalp, roots of hair, tips of the hair softly and smoothly. And wash it off. Apply conditioner for some time and wash it away. Dry your hair with a soft cotton towel slowly to avoid the breakage of hair.

Cover your head with a scarf

protect your hair from damage

Whenever you move out of your house make sure you carry your scarf with you. The pollution outside damage your hair very badly. You can also cover your face with the scarf to protect your skin from dust.

We can keep our hair all set by using the scarf. In summers our head gets overheated due to the sunlight, by using the scarf you can protect it.

Use hair bands that don’t pull at the root

silky hair

Use the hairband that is not too much tight and pull your hair. Keep it little lose, so that your hair roots don’t get pulled. Make sure u don’t keep the band for a long time in your hair. Leave your hair open while you come back to home from out or from work.

Use the right hair brush

beautiful silky hair

Use of right hair brush is also an important thing. And clean hair brush is more important. Make sure you clean your hairbrush, hair bands on a regular basis. Try not to share your hairbrush with others.

Healthy Eating Habit

healthy food for healthy hair growth

Our hair also needs healthy food for nourishment. Proper intake of proteins, vitamins, omega 3, etc is necessary. Include eggs in your diet, eat green and leafy vegetables, have a carrot-beetroot-sprout salad. Flex seeds provide you omega 3 so include that in your diet. Avocado provides you vitamin E which is also essential for healthy and strong hair. Nuts like almond, walnut, etc.are also important.

Also, follow Healthy Lifestyle this is a major thing to keep your Hair, Skin and Health Healthy and Fit. 

Don’t Use Too Many Products

natural ways to take care of hair

Do not use too many products. The chemical in the products damages your hair. Hair color is one of the biggest mistake which everyone does. Use homemade natural hair mask to nourish your hair.


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LIFE ISN'T PERFECT BUT YOUR HAIR CAN BE!! The beauty of a person lies in her Hair. Yes, Hair of any person attracts the other very soon. I won't say only hair, but yes Hair plays a major role in making us look outstanding.In the world outside we have plenty of...