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I am Priyanka Sujit Satpute. I am writing my blog Easy Beginners since January 2019.

Talking about my blog Easy Beginners, the name itself tells you it’s something easy for the beginners. Yes! It’s never too late to begin. I am going to share some ideas that are easy to start. Some or the other day it has to start, so why not now. Take care of your health, your body, skin, hair. Travel explore new places and stay Happy!

In my blog, you will get the health tips, beauty tips and also information about exploring new places.

In Health tips I have made sure to cover basic things about lifestyle, diet, yoga fitness, and also have tried to help you in making healthy food tasty.

In Beauty tips I have given you the different ways to take care of your body parts, your skin, hair, lips etc. and that too naturally.

On my travel page, I have shared my personal experience of travelling. I love to travel and explore new places. Visiting new places, getting in touch with nature makes me more energetic and inspirational.

Talking about me!

I am Priyanka. I have an experience of 5 years in IT stream. After working for 5 long years with a reputed company Infosys, I finally decided to follow my passion for writing. So now I am a full-time blogger located currently in Delhi but, my home town is Pune.

I would love to listen more from my readers, please let me know how you find the blog, also tell me what more information you need, on which topics you love to read more. Contact me on easybeginners@gmail.com